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Is A Heat Pump Noisier Than Other Types Of Central Heating?

Shopping around for a new central residential heating system to replace your aging furnace requires you to consider dozens of different factors and features among different models. If you're considering a heat pump for its energy efficiency and option for ductless installation, you may be worried that switching to a system with an outdoor unit will create extra noise that bothers you or the neighbors. Learning the facts about how loud a heat pump really is will help you make the right choice for your heating needs. Read More 

3 Waterproof Basement Remodeling Ideas To Ensure You Never Deal With Water Damage

In the basement of your home, there is a lot of space, but this is also an area that is prone to water damage. When designing the finishing for your basement, you will want to consider waterproof solutions that will help ensure you never have to deal with water damage, such as vinyl flooring, masonry walls, and other materials that are not going to be damaged when water does get into the basement. Read More 

How To Deal With Mold In Your Crawlspace

Mold is one very common problem in many homes these days. Not only is it going to affect the aesthetics and the integrity of your home, but it is a health concern too. The fact that repairing the damage can cost quite a lot of money too means that you need to pay extra attention to any and every part of your home that may possibly experience this growth. Common Causes of Moisture in Crawlspaces Read More 

What Is The Best Strategy For Choosing Home Products?

Whether it be irons or dining room chairs, there are a lot of similar home products on the market for any one function. So, how do you choose one of the options without spending all day on it? Here are some tips: Find Out What the Essential Features of That Product Are It helps if you have a few technical criteria in mind. For choosing an iron, do you need it to steam? Read More 

5 Things That Impact The Cost Of Your Metal Roof

If you are considering a new roof, you likely know that the size and complexity of your project will affect the cost. For example, if you have to remove an old roof and replace decking material, you will pay more than you would if you are just adding a new roof on top of your old roofing. However, there are many more factors that go into the price of a roof. Read More