How To Deal With Mold In Your Crawlspace

Mold is one very common problem in many homes these days. Not only is it going to affect the aesthetics and the integrity of your home, but it is a health concern too. The fact that repairing the damage can cost quite a lot of money too means that you need to pay extra attention to any and every part of your home that may possibly experience this growth.

Common Causes of Moisture in Crawlspaces

Crawlspaces are generally vulnerable to growth. The area tends to be prone to high level of humidity and moisture since it is a confined area. When moisture does not get vented out, it can easily condense into the subflooring and the foundation walls. When not checked and cleaned up in time, mold can grow here causing considerable devastation to this part of the house in the long run.

Among the most common conditions that may cause moisture to build in crawl spaces include water that is pooling along the foundation wall, damage drainpipes, leaking gutters and downspouts, cracks in the foundation wall, cracks in the foundation floor, as well as missing exterior drains among others.

Preventing and Tackling Mold

Keeping moisture out is always a very good move to ensure that growth is not going to be present in any part of your home. Upgrading the drain tiles with membranes that are waterproof would be a good investment. For homes that do not have drainage below the ground, downspouts need to be diverted so they will not hit the foundation walls.

Crawlspaces should not be vented. Instead, they should be heated and conditioned like a basement since vents allow cold air to enter. The pies, floorboards, and drains in the kitchen, water heaters, washing machine, as well as bathrooms need to be checked for moisture and leaks. For items that are being stored in the crawl spaces, making sure that they are placed in sealed and dry bins is crucial.

Getting Professional Help

The moment that you notice mold growth in this part of your home call the right mold remediation providers to take care of the problem. Mold needs to be handled by experts who have the necessary equipment and can take appropriate safety precautions.

If you suspect that there is mold in this part of the house, call a mold removal services team so they can do the necessary assessment. They will be able to determine the areas that are affected and the extent of the damage if there are any.

Do look for licensing and other credentials to prove that you are referring to qualified people. Get estimates from three or more providers too so you can make comparisons and hire the best contractor for the job.

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