3 Waterproof Basement Remodeling Ideas To Ensure You Never Deal With Water Damage

In the basement of your home, there is a lot of space, but this is also an area that is prone to water damage. When designing the finishing for your basement, you will want to consider waterproof solutions that will help ensure you never have to deal with water damage, such as vinyl flooring, masonry walls, and other materials that are not going to be damaged when water does get into the basement. Here are some basement remodeling ideas to make your new space waterproof and protected from water damage:

1. Using Flooring That Can Take a Beating and Withstand Flooding

There are many options for making the flooring in your basement more durable. You may want to consider acid staining for example. With acid stained concrete finishes, you will be able to get the classic look of stone and other materials, such as tile. Another option that you may want to consider for durable flooring in your basement is vinyl flooring, which is available in various flooring materials, such as tiles, or wood flooring type materials or patterns. In addition to vinyl, you may want to consider real ceramic tiles, which look great and give you many of options for new custom flooring in your basement.

2. Waterproof Wall Finishes That Last and Are Durable Basement Finishes

There are also many options for wall finishes in your basement that are waterproof. One option is to do a similar concrete acid staining on walls, like the one that is used on the floors. There are also vinyl wall panels that can be used to finish the walls in your basement. No matter what you decide to do, contact a waterproofing contractor to make sure your basement is waterproof and keeps the water out of your home.

3. Different Composites to Use as An Alternative To Wood Features In Basements

You may also want to choose from many different composite materials for the wood features in your basement. Instead of using conventional wood cabinetry, talk with the contractor about using metal or cabinets made of waterproof composites. For all the trim finishes in your basement, there are also many options for composite trim materials that are water resistant and will not be damaged if your basement gets flooded.

These are some waterproof basement remodeling ideas to ensure you never have to deal with water damage after remodeling your basement. Contact a home waterproofing contractor to get help with some of these improvements for your home.