The Best Ideas To Give Your Home A Water-Free Landscaping Makeover

If you want to give your home a landscaping makeover with features that use less water, you may want to consider solutions like natural stone for a rock garden, native plants or moss. The use of natural features like stone in you landscaping will reduce watering needs, as well as maintenance. Here are some of the best ideas to create a water-free landscaping design to renovate the exterior of your home:

1. Moss Gardens in Shaded Areas That Do Not Need Watering

If you want to have green that is like a lawn but does not need water, giving landscaping a design with moss gardens is a good solution. The moss gardens will work best in areas with shade and regular rainfall. This is a landscaping design that will not work well in dry climates. In areas with summer droughts, the moss may become dry and loose color, but it will come back during rain seasons. Many moss and lichen species will not even lose their color during dry weather.

2. Natural Native Plants for Landscaping Designs Without Irrigation

Another way to add living colors to your landscaping without water is to use native plants. There are many native flowering plants and shrubs that you can use to give your landscaping colorful designs. Since many native plants are adapted to the climate, they are hardy and more resistant to draught. Native plants may need some watering during severe droughts, but usually they will survive the harshest weather conditions without the need for any watering. Cactus and desert plants are another good choice for a water-free landscape design that will not need any irrigation.

3. Stones and Gravel to Create the Perfect Water-free Landscaping Design

There are also solutions for landscaping designs with natural stone. You may want to consider using landscaping gravel to replace a lawn with colorful stone materials. Other areas of landscaping will look great with rock gardens that will add texture to landscaping designs. Consider mixing the stone designs with native and dry desert plants to give the rock garden areas of life. There are even desert grasses that are a great addition to rock garden features. Contact a natural stone service to help with the addition of large natural stones to your landscaping design.

These are some ideas to give your home a water-free landscaping makeover. Contact a natural stone service like Old World Stone to get the materials you need to complete your water-free landscaping renovations.