Need Mice Extermination Services? Don’t Delay!

So, you've spotted (or heard) a mouse in your house. Or two. Or ten. You know you have to do something about this before it gets out of control. But unexpected expenses can be hard on your budget. Do you really need to do this right now, even if you haven't technically spotted a mouse yet? The answer is yes. You don't want to delay this service. Here's why.

Keep Your Home Healthy

The biggest reason to get mice extermination services right away is because a mouse infestation is extremely unsanitary. More than simply being gross, mouse droppings can make you sick. They can carry diseases such as hantavirus or salmonellosis, both of which can cause fevers and muscle aches and require hospitalization in severe cases. If you've spotted droppings around your home, call experts immediately. Remember, sometimes these diseases can spread through the air, so if you're cleaning them up you should wear a face mask as well as disposable gloves. 

Don't Give Them Time to Breed

Mice actually breed extremely quickly. Their gestation period is only a couple weeks, and females can get pregnant again right after giving birth. They give birth to 3 to 14 pups each time on average. A female can start reproducing at the age of 6 weeks. So, even if you think you only have a couple mice, just do the math. You definitely don't have time to waste. Within a few months, you could potentially have hundreds more on your hands. Call a pest control company and get them taken care of while they're still few in numbers.

Save Your Food and Furniture

Mice aren't just going to stick to the attic. They're looking for food to eat and materials for building nests. If your food isn't stored properly, they will eat it. And don't think that food in a pantry or cupboard is safe — mice can jump about a foot in the air and are excellent climbers. They are famous for getting into places that seem impossible for them to penetrate. Mice also chew and gnaw on all kinds of things, like wood, paper, and cloth. They will ruin furniture, clothing, bedding, and any of your belongings. Keep in mind that mice are nocturnal, so even if you don't catch them in the act, that doesn't mean it isn't happening. You're better off calling for mice extermination services quickly.

Even if mice extermination services weren't in your plan this month, it's best not to delay if you have an infestation. Besides, you could end up paying even more money for hospital bills if the mice make you sick or on new furniture if they ruin yours. Contact a pest control company near you for more information.