Five Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your New Mattress

A new mattress is an investment, so it makes sense that you want to make sure it stays in top condition. Fortunately, a few basic care routines are all you need.

1. Use a Frame

The right bed frame gives your mattress even support. Platform or slat style frames are preferable over rail style frames, simply because rails only support the edges and not the full mattress. Over time, the mattress set may begin to sag in the center due to a lack of support. A slat frame provides sufficient support for a box spring and mattress, but use a solid platform frame if you have a foam mattress that doesn't require the use of a box spring.

2. Rotate Regularly

Rotation ensures even wear of your mattress, which means that one section won't break down prematurely. Standard mattresses should be flipped over and then spun so the former head of the mattress is at the foot. Single-sided mattresses such as pillowtop styles and some foam designs aren't flipped but they should be spun. Do this every six months for the life of the mattress.

3. Cover It Up

A mattress cover isn't the crinkly plastic thing you may remember seeing for use with a young bed-wetting child. Modern breathable covers make no noise nor do they make the bed hot. They do keep dust and soil out of the mattress, though, while protecting it from odors and stains. If you have dust allergies or live in an area where bed bugs are a real threat, a mattress cover is a must. A washable cover is the best option.

4. Follow a Cleaning Schedule

Just like everything else in your home, your mattress and bedding need regular cleaning. Wash bed linens weekly and launder the mattress cover once a month. Having a second set of both bedding and cover makes this easier. You should also clean the mattress once a year following the directions on the care label. At a minimum, vacuum the mattress with the hose or upholstery attachment and then spot clean any small stains with an upholstery cleaner and dye-free cloth.

5. Move With Care

Whether you are moving your mattress to a new home or simply a new room in your existing home, care is needed. For moves to a new home, seal the mattress in a moving bag to provide some protection from stains and punctures. When moving the mattress, keep it sideways and always have two sets of hands on duty to keep it steady. Carrying a mattress flat allows it to sag in the middle, which can cause creasing or damage the springs.

Contact a mattress dealer for more tips on caring for your new mattress.