Wood Lattice Panel Options To Choose From

A wood lattice fencing panel is able to withstand adverse weather conditions in almost any climate. It will give your home a classy look and is not very difficult to build. While any type of fence can be used to carve off a section of your property, wood lattice fencing will increase your curb appeal. There are several suppliers that will be happy to provide you with the panels you need to get started.

Straight Vs. Arched

When choosing wood lattice fencing panels, you can choose between straight and arched panels. Neither type is better, and it is more a matter of what style you prefer. Regardless, the panels can be pretty easy to install since each panel attaches to other panels. Therefore, you simply need to order enough panels to make the fence long enough to cover the area you want to cover. 

Panel Color Options

A lattice panel is made out of wood. You could purchase a panel that still has the wood color, but there are several colored options as well. The most common paint colors used for lattice fencing panels are white and black. 

Privacy Options

Some lattice fences have solid panels that you cannot see through. This will provide you with the maximum level of privacy. Other lattice panels do not obstruct visibility at all. If you have a beautiful view, you may want to choose this type over solid panels.

Lattice Fence Post Holes

Wood lattice fences are held in place using posts. When the contractor installs the fence, he or she digs a post hole for the post to be fitted into. The post hole needs to be deeper than the frost line, and the contractor fills the hole with crushed stone or soil to hold the pole in place. If the contractor must insert the post hole in concrete, he or she must wrap the post to protect It from moisture. If moisture enters the hole, it can cause the post to rot and compromise the integrity of the post.

Sleeves and the Lattice

The posts are covered with sleeves, which are made from the same material as the fence panel. The contractor screws the frame into the sleeves. The sleeve is like a border that holds the lattice in place. The lattice is put in place last. It's held in place using screws. The post is also secured by a decorative post cap. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries wood lattice fencing panels.