Ready To Add Something Interesting To That Big Wall? 3 Tips For Installing A Fireplace

If you have a large open space that is just a little too open, a great way to break up that space is with a fireplace. A fireplace can provide a focal point for a room while offering functionality through the addition of heat as well. When adding a fireplace to a large wall, you have an opportunity to change the overall feeling of the room. 

Use Multiple Materials

When adding custom fireplaces, you don't just have to stick the fireplace in the wall and call it good. You want to frame your fireplace on the wall. One way to do that is by using multiple materials and colors to frame the fireplace. For example, you could put rustic metal as an outline around the fireplace, then add a stone structure around the fireplace. Or you can use different colors of stone to frame in the fireplace. 

You get to choose what the frame around your fireplace looks like. You can create an area that is more square in shape, or you can create more of a vertical look with the material you use to frame and highlight your fireplace. 

Add a Storage Spot for Logs

More than likely, the fireplace you are going to install will be either electric or gas-powered. However, that doesn't mean you have to forgo the concept of a wood box. You can build a small storage area for logs right next to your fireplace, and even fill that space with real logs. Even though you will not actually be using the logs, having a visible log storage space will create an opportunity for a unique artistic expression next to your fireplace.  

Change the Shape of Your Wall

You will already be adding a fireplace to the wall. Take this opportunity to change up the look of your wall. You don't have to keep your wall flat; you can either push it in or out to create something that is more visually pleasing. For example, you could push out the area where the fireplace goes, helping to draw the focus on your gas or electric fireplace and make it look more like an old-school, wood-burning fireplace. You could add pillars next to the fireplace, popping out the wall. Or you can add recessed shelving on the sides of the fireplace. Think about how you want to use the space on that wall, and work with a contractor to change the shape of the wall while installing the new fireplace.