Creating A Screen Porch? 3 Trends To Consider

Decks and patios are nice additions to your home, but they are not entirely functional throughout different weather conditions. Fortunately, you can enjoy the outdoors without being entirely outdoors with a screen porch. Not only will this space give you an extra area for relaxing and entertaining, but a screened-in porch will also add value to your home. Of course, designing this space can be a bit overwhelming. If you are building a screen porch, here are a few trends to consider.

Screen Panels

Most people are surprised to learn there are different types of screening that help create the porch. Traditionally, rolls of screen are purchased, cut to size, and then installed on the actual porch frame. Although sufficient, using sheets or rolls of screen on your porch can be a challenge in the future.

If you, your child, your pet, or even a piece of furniture or tree limb bump into the screen, you will need to replace the entire section of screen sheeting or attempt to patch the damaged area of screen. Either option will be time-consuming and difficult. Thankfully, there is another option.

Many contractors are building screen porches with screen panels. These panels come in different sizes and can removed and replaced easily if the screen is damaged. Even though they are more expensive than traditional rolls, the screen panels are a better long-term investment.


Another trend you should consider for your screen porch is a fireplace. The fireplace can provide your family or your guests with a bit of light and warmth, which can be beneficial during the cooler temperatures.

Choose from a fireplace with electric gas logs or one that allows you to burn real wood that helps create a "campfire" feel in your outdoor living space.

Do not forget the mantle when designing your porch fireplace, either. Enjoy decorating the mantle in your outdoor living space just like you would decorate the fireplace mantle inside your home.


Your screen porch should be wired for many different electrical needs, such as lights and a ceiling fan. However, electrical wiring can also help you create a porch that can become your new family room.

Consider installing a flat-screen television and sound system on your porch. This allows you to watch the big games and tournaments, or enjoy your favorite music while grilling out with friends, family, and other guests.

From added appeal and value to an extra space "outdoors," the benefits of a screen porch should be easy to see. With these trends, your screen porch will offer you and your family many years of memorable fun and relaxation.