Temporary Ways to Improve the Appearance of Leased Commercial Spaces

When you lease the space that houses your business, you're probably limited on the things that you're allowed to do to make the space your own. Are you looking for ways to enhance the appearance of the space without doing anything to break your lease agreement? Here you'll find a list of changes that you can make that aren't permanent but will make a huge impact on the appearance of the space.

Fluorescent Light Covers

Many commercial spaces are illuminated with the use of fluorescent lights. This is an affordable way to illuminate large spaces, but it's boring and it can be hard on the eyes.

Take a minute to look through the many designs of covers for fluorescent lights. You can add color to the area with a number of beautiful designs. Even keeping things simple with a cloudy, sky image will have a huge impact on the impression the space makes on those who enter the door.

If you're not looking to add color, you can install covers that filter or soften the light, or just add a bit of charm to the space. Seriously, take a minute to look at the many options. Then, when you find what you like, you'll just have to put them in place, and if your lease ends and you're ready to move to a different space, you can remove them and take them with you without leaving any damage behind.

Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are another temporary decorative item that can also be helpful in keeping things clean and safe. You don't have to choose the plain, black or gray runner rugs for the entryways; look at other options. You can find some really beautiful rugs through leasing companies, or you can invest in buying them on your own.

Window Treatments and Wall Décor

Many leases prohibit the use of nails in the walls because the damage has to be undone before the next tenant can take over the space. Well, you don't have to use any nails to hang things on the walls. Instead, use Command Hooks to hang window treatments and wall décor. These little gadgets are very strong but will come off in one step without leaving any damage behind.

There's all kinds of things that you can do that won't leave any lasting damage. When you leave that space, everything can come with you and the owner will have nothing to complain about.