3 Gourmet Reasons Why Your Kitchen Lighting Matters

If you love gourmet cooking, your kitchen island is probably where you perform all your work. If the island has a sink, you are able to wash produce before turning them into a work of art. If the island contains your cooktop, then it's simply more convenient to stir up a delicate sauce or deglaze a pan right where you are standing. Your island can be the perfect zone for creating a delicious dish from start to finish, but if your overhead  lighting is poor, you might struggle to get a recipe right.

Don't Forget To Read The Fine Print

If you are attempting a new gourmet recipe involving many complicated steps and dozens of ingredients, you need to be able to read it well. Poor lighting makes that difficult, especially if a recipe contains small text. One tiny mistake during preparation, mixing or cooking could be disastrous to your taste buds. Pausing to lean very close or squint at the page interrupts your cooking flow and is downright inconvenient and awkward.

Working Blind

Poor kitchen lighting leads to accidents in the kitchen. You may cut your fingers while mincing onions simply because you could not clearly see your fingers at the cutting board. Burns happen if you don't notice the candy suddenly boiling up rapidly and spilling over the pot. If you drop food or spill something onto the floor while you're working in dimmer light, you might not notice. As you move about the kitchen during the course of your work and step on it, you could slip and fall.

Details Matter

In addition to causing accidents, poor kitchen lighting lessens your ability to notice certain details about your work, which can affect the outcome of your recipe. How do you know when the dough you are mixing resembles small peas? Is the roast rare or medium-rare when you check? When does your temperature-sensitive roux turn golden brown? If you don't notice that the chicken juices do not run clear after broiling, you and your guests are at risk for food poisoning. These details matter.

All of these problems are remedied by making sure the lighting above your kitchen island is bright enough for gourmet cooking. By installing the right lights that allow you to properly see what you are doing, you are better able to create a culinary masterpiece without getting a headache, cutting yourself, or poisoning your guests.