A Guide to Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Autistic Child

As the parent of a child with autism, regardless of where he or she might be on the autism spectrum, you are undoubtedly aware that you may need to make some modifications to your lifestyle and home in order to provide your son or daughter with a better quality of life. One of the easier modifications to consider is the type and appearance of the curtains throughout your home. Therefore, you're likely to find the following information to be quite useful when you are shopping for the new draperies.

Consider Blackout Curtains With Solid Sheers For The Bedroom

Overstimulation is a major problem for many autistic kids and creating a safe place for relaxation, time alone and sleep is crucial. One popular choice for draperies is a heavy, blackout style that covers the entire window. Those curtains can be closed as needed to simplify your child's immediate surroundings. which can make dealing with their unique challenges and falling sleep easier. 

However, not all autistic individuals need a room that is free of light. If you're unsure as to how your child will react, you can opt for darker, neutral-colored sheers underneath the blackout curtains. This will help to filter some of the wind and sunlight coming through the window during the day when the draperies are open, while also allowing you to assess your child's reactions to both choices. 

Choose Neutral Curtains And Limit Sunlight

You may be surprised to learn that recent research has determined that only about one in ten autistic children see colors the same way that the majority of people do. In addition, more than eight out ten autistic kids see colors that are much brighter and intense than the way you see them and only one out of twenty youngsters on the spectrum see muted colors.

Once you know those facts, it's easier to see why bright colors are often so upsetting for people with neurodevelopmental disorders like autism. By extension, that means that replacing your existing curtains with dark, neutral colors could be an ideal choice. In addition, it might also benefit your son or daughter to apply a tinted covering to the windows in your home. Doing so will limit the sun that enters the house and can eliminate the unexpected intrusion of sunlight into a darker room, which may prevent any unnecessary rays of bright light that end up too close to your little one.   

In conclusion, the presence, appearance, and use of the curtains in your home can have a dramatic impact on autistic individuals of any age. As a result, it's a good idea to consider buying new draperies that are consistent with the needs of your autistic child. The above facts will help you to make that important decision.