Using Outdoor Planters To Protect Gardens From Rabbits

Anyone with a garden knows that rabbits are one of their worst enemies. Managing these animals and keeping them out of a garden can be tough. However, outdoor planters can help protect a person's garden and keep it rabbit-free.

Rabbits Are Destructive To Gardens

While pests such as aphids can be very damaging to gardens, few pests are as destructive as rabbits. These nearly always hungry creatures will walk into a good garden and eat much of its food in a matter of days. They are also very clever at avoiding capture, staying away from traps, avoiding poisons, and can usually outrun or avoid most dogs.

Anyone who is serious about their gardening needs to find a way to keep these animals out. Thankfully, there are many methods which a person can utilize to achieve that goal. One of the most effective of this is simply raising the garden bed.

Raising The Garden Bed Is Crucial

When a gardener raises their bed, they are pulling it out of the way of the hungry mouth of a rabbit. Most rabbits are no more than a foot or two long and must eat food at their mouth-level. An inability to reach the food placed a foot above their head will make it impossible for rabbits to get to it and damage it in any way.

Even better, raised beds with tall wooden sides will make it impossible for rabbits to climb or jump on top of the bed. As a result, raised garden beds will keep garden food out of the mouths of hungry rabbits and drive them elsewhere. But how can outdoor planters help in this process?

How Outdoor Planters Can Help

Outdoor planters are large beds which can be used to plant various garden items. They are typically wooden or plastic and designed to accept a variety of foods. Buying outdoor planters is useful because it can help people avoid the somewhat lengthy and difficult process of raising garden beds on their own. While not difficult it does take some specialized skills.

Outdoor planters also let plants grow in a way that maximizes their health and improves their looks and aesthetics. However, they can also be used to decorate the exterior of a person's house in a way that makes it look more natural, homey, and enjoyable to live in for an extended period.

Anyone interested in this process needs to talk to a gardening expert near them to find planters that will work for their needs. In this way, they can keep rabbits away from their garden for good.