Buying A Gift For A Co-Worker: Novelty Ideas To Consider

Buying a gift for a co-worker for their birthday, a recent achievement, or other event is a great way to show you care in the workplace. A novelty gift is an impersonal but useful present that can be easily enjoyed without being expensive. Here are some ideas you can consider as you go shopping for that perfect cheap novelty gift.

Heat-changing coffee mug

Anyone who drinks tea, coffee, or hot cocoa can enjoy a fun novelty mug to sip their favorite hot brew in. A heat-changing coffee mug is a unique gift that is 'activated' when a hot beverage is poured in. One minute the mug looks like a simple and plain cup, the next an image or quote appears as the mug is heated. You can even customize these mugs to state the person's name or add their work status to make it a bit more personal while being fun. You can order a heat-changing coffee mug online or buy one at your local coffee shop that sells gifts.

Multi-purpose keychain

A keychain that features a nail file, can opener, bottle opener, and small screwdriver can be a great novelty gift for a male or female co-worker alike. This is a practical gift that can be added to a fruit basket or small vase of flowers to give the presentation a lasting appeal. Choose a keychain that can be customized with the co-worker's name or that comes in a variety of hues so you can make it a slightly more personal gift to receive.

Stationery set

A stationery set is a wonderful and useful gift that someone in the workplace can enjoy. You can customize stationery with their name or buy a style in a favored color, animal print, or other personal design. Make sure to choose a set that comes in a sturdy case to house letters, envelopes, paper, pens, and stamps so your co-worker can always be ready to send off a quick note when needed. You can add this gift to a paperweight or other small desk item.

When buying a gift for a co-worker, a novelty one in particular, keep in mind that you want the gift to be useful in the office as well as at home. This way the user can enjoy their thoughtful present wherever they wish. If you still don't know what to get your co-worker, consider giving them a novelty basket of candies or nuts or even jams and jellies, which is always appreciated.