Choosing A Water Feature For Your Yard: Things To Consider

Whether you want a simple water fountain to attract birds and make a small trickle you can enjoy or you want to transform your landscape into a full-fledged water feature, you want to know what you're getting into when you make this kind of change in your yard. From how you want your water feature to operate to the care it needs to keep it functioning year-round, here are things you should consider when you choose a fountain in your yard. 


Water features often run on a pump that filters water through a pool and back up into pipes to pour back out over rocks. A fountain runs similarly, spouting water via openings in the fountain's design. You will want to choose a solar powered water fountain if you don't want to have to worry about hiding cords from view or having to unplug the unit at night. As a bonus, solar power is free and won't cause your energy bill to rise. It also reduces the risk of someone tripping on electrical supplies and gives your water feature a streamlined appearance. You can buy solar powered water fountains at your local home improvement store.

Winter care

You don't want your water feature to freeze up in the winter, causing the filter and pipes to crack. You can prevent this from happening by winterizing the unit. You can have your landscaper winterize your outdoor water fountain by blowing it out with an air compressor and unplugging all water sources, or you can turn your unit off yourself and cover it with a heavy tarp or car cover to prevent freezing or winter damage. Make sure to drain your water feature prior to covering it even if you haven't used the unit for a while.

Regular cleaning

By adding fish to the pooled water in your water feature, you can reduce moss and algae buildup in your fountain.There are many types of fish you can choose from besides your classic koi that can thrive in both slow and fast moving fountains. Fish you can consider include:

  • sunfish
  • darter
  • killifish

You will also want to make sure to clean out your fountain's water filter regularly to take out leaves, bugs, algae, and other debris to keep the water flowing smoothly. If you notice your water trickling slowly or stopping completely from your water feature, your water filter may be to blame. Clean it several times a week as part of your regular maintenance.